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Lord Our God, grant that We may find the power of Your Spirit so that We may live on a higher level, no longer controlled by Our lower nature’s but strengthened to take up the battle of life. May We be children of the Spirit and may We walk in the Spirit. Guard Us against carelessness and keep Us joyful and courageous. Help Us and counsel Us on all Our ways so that We may honor You and testify that You are Our Father God, Our true help. In Jesus Name. Amen.

“Reach For Spiritual Maturity”

“Know This!”

“The Way Up Is Down”

The twilight of a life’s tragedy is when one sadly, in their twilight years, realizes they’ve spent their life living “their way” instead of the “Lord’s Way.”

“Growth In Christ”

“Grow In Faith”

“Lord Our God, Our Father in heaven and on earth, We are thankful that We are Your people, in the Body of Christ to whom you say, “You are mine.” Strengthen Us in the faith that We belong to You, so that We can come to know Your rule and Your justice. Protect Us on all the paths We follow during Our time on earth. The times are evil, but come what may, every single one of Us in the Body Of Christ has in Our hearts the certainty, “We are Yours.” You have long watched over Us and kept Us safe. Again and again We affirm, “We are Yours, Lord Our God, through Jesus Christ Our Savior. Amen.”

“Speak In Faith”

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